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Reading With Choo

Charles "Choo" Smith is a former Harlem Globetrotter and he shares the memorable attractions and history of his home town Baltimore. Join Choo for the journey into what has made Baltimore so special.


Read with JYD Jerome “Junkyard” Williams and NBA Greats

This book will bring enjoyment and at the same time encourage children to read. Success is often connected to a higher level of reading and JYD wants you to achieve your dreams just like he did. This book focuses on four topics: anti-bullying, health and fitness, poetry, and financial literacy.


Battling Bullying

This book focuses on how hurtful and damaging bullying can be and what to do when you are bullied or know someone who is being bullied. The book discusses bullying, different types of bullies, and their behavior. It details what we can do about bullies and most importantly, how we can get along and make a difference together. It is everyone’s duty to make sure that all children are treated with respect. You are not alone and help is available.

Recent Events

Little Authors Around the World

Would your child like to write his or her own story? Become a published author? Read60 will be unveiling a new program where kids can publish their own stories and share them around the world. Give them an opportunity to explore their creativity and have fun.